Power of Attorney (POA )

Mind you ................................................ domiciled ...................... .......................... ........................................ hereby awarded to: Regardless, ample and sufficient power to request, manage, obtain and collect offices and national authorities concerned, obtaining patents, protection certificates, trademarks of products or services, records industrial designs and utility models, trade names, slogans, collective and certification marks, protection of trade secrets with the power to deposit Notary and, in general, any element of industrial Property and Copyright recognized by the law of the Republic of Peru, expressly authorizing them to give to those authorities all necessary steps including, without limitation, prepare, sign, submit and process applications, make statements, pay fees and taxes, including expert fees, order publications law, gathering of certificates, apply for cancellation of registration obtained by the principal, comment on applications filed by third parties, deduct comments and / or objections, Remedy cancellation and revocation of Industrial Property Rights and Copyright proprietary third party, withdraw from them, celebrate transactional agreements, agreements coexistence Individually designed, distinctive and access proposals for settlement or hold any kind of agreement to resolve the conflict, including mediation, apply for registration of licenses, transfers, name changes, mergers and generally all of the registration amend, accept transfers made by third parties on behalf of the principal subscribing to the effect, the contracts, including submission to arbitration clauses, request modifications to the description products or services to records trademarks or service, including extension and limitation during the registration process issued it or upon its renewal; prove workings, bring actions for violation of the rules of Repression of Unfair Competition, infringement of Industrial Property and Copyright, complaints of violation of Standards of Business Advertising and Consumer Protection and Antitrust rules violation on Dumping and Subsidies; intervention debtors insolvency proceedings, claims and demands recognition of insolvency before the commission out of the market before any competent body, with all the powers required for the appropriate action, including the request of inspections, to appoint and accept the appointment of experts , driving tests and act preparatory proceedings, answer infringement actions Industrial Property Rights, complaints of unfair competition and violation of Advertising Standards, Consumer Protection and Copyright raised by third parties against the principal, representing it all administrative procedure, defend shares for cancellation of registration, declarations of nullity of Intellectual Property and request reconsideration of administrative decisions and precautionary measures and the payment of the costs of the proceedings. There shall also be entitled to bring any kind of complaint recourses, including reconsiderations, appeals and annulments, request statements, testimonials, test farms, make withdrawals, filing claims. Also, are entitled to bring contentious-administrative lawsuits contesting, revocation or revision of the act or administrative rulings and to prosecute reason to change and / or company name and to represent as defendants in civil and constitutional actions of all nature, including defense in shares of appeal or revision of invalidity or act or administrative rulings, brought by third parties, agree, submit to arbitrators, request statements and testimony, and appeal to the general powers of office and special to you refer the Civil Procedure Code and, in particular, Articles 74 ° and 75 °, the powers to sue, to answer the complaint, counterclaim, answer, counterclaim, deduction and answer exceptions, process and withdraw the claim, yield to the claim, reconcile, transmit, delegate or replace the power, compromise, submit to arbitration, pay statements and confessions, with the exception of not being able to be quoted or deployed with demand, in all circumstances must be notified directly at the address of the principal , filing or reporting before the Criminal Jurisdiction and Criminal felony Industrial Property and Intellectual Property and Economic Crimes respect of acts of infringement by third parties against rights of the principal, with powers to file complaint recourses and celebrate transactional agreements. This power, expressly ratifies the validity of all acts, requests or orders, on our behalf, proxies have been incurred in relation to any right of Industrial Property and Copyright and in respect of the powers listed above before the execution of this power. The parents enjoyed finally powers to delegate or substitute this power and, if necessary, revoke such substitutions and resume the powers