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Litigation in Perú

The Castro García Studio - Lawyers, under the leadership of Dr. Julio Castro Garcia and Other Major Associates is dedicated to the study of complex causes , Licensing Contracts USO, Technology Transfers , commercial law, Foreign Investment , including Practices unfair and , of course , Processes and Practice in court.

The defense we make of the rights of our clients extends from warning letters , measures and sued in the courts to defend the rights of our clients in Peru and spread to other countries.

Our solid experience and precautionary effectiveness and litigation actions can be witnessed by our clients, most of which entrusts his affairs in these areas for several years ; addition , our client is constantly increasing as a result of a well-earned reputation and considerable experience in the protection of intellectual property rights both in Peru and abroad , counterfeiting and infringement of trademarks, inventions , industrial designs . We also deal with concerns regarding unfair competition , while successfully conducting legal proceedings for claims for damages and nullity processes . The Directorate of Investment Disputes and Regularization is the pride of the organization.